We’re all busy. We don’t have time to wait around for punchlines. We want laughs, lots of them, and fast, and you’ve come to the right place.

Everyone loves a great one-liner, and the edgier, the better. 

We have gathered together the best one-liner comedians in Victoria and put them all on one show, to give you, the discerning punter, the biggest value for your dollar. 

The One-Liner Show began in 2023 at the now defunct Rubber Chicken Comedy Pub in South Melbourne.  It was our ambition to get the funniest comedians in Melbourne on one show to deliver the fastest, punchiest and most laugh-packed show in town. 

250 jokes delivered in a row, one after another. Where else will you get that kind of value?

Paul Balsillie, Rhys Halliwell, Mazz Matta, Sheany and Milton White were the original team, and they have now been joined by Warrick Sutton, James Wallace and Nathan Chin, and this Melbourne Comedy Festival they will deliver 250 fast-paced and hilarious one-liner jokes, one after the other in a rapidfire show that will make your sides hurt and your jaw ache.

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